, Havana, Cuba, December 04 to 07, 2018
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Effective January 17, 2018

After the announcement of the re-establishment of USA and Cuba diplomatic relationships, important changes were announced by the OFAC (Treasure Department) regarding the US regulations to attend professional meetings. Below is a summary of certain sections of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations, 31C.F.R. Part 515, that contain general licenses to travel to Cuba:

http://www.ecfr. gov

This means that US citizens DO NOT require requesting special permissions to attend a meeting in Cuba, because they can attend any conference in Cuba under the general license.

Professional Meetings in Cuba

  • US citizens can now attend ANY professional meeting in Cuba (no matter who sponsors it in Cuba) as long as the purpose of the meeting relates to the traveler’s profession, professional background, or area of expertise, including graduate-level full-time study.
  • Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of non-commercial academic seminars, conferences, and workshops related to Cuba or global issues involving Cuba and attendance at such events by faculty, staff, and students of a participating U.S. academic institution
  • Participation in a structured educational program in Cuba as part of a course offered for credit by a U.S. graduate or undergraduate degree-granting academic institution that is sponsoring the program;
  • Participation in a formal course of study at a Cuban academic institution, provided the formal course of study in Cuba will be accepted for credit toward the students graduate or undergraduate degree;
  • Teaching at a Cuban academic institution related to an academic program at the Cuban institution, provided that the individual is regularly employed by a U.S. or other non-Cuban academic institution
  • U.S. academic institutions or secondary schools engaging in activities authorized by this section are permitted to open and maintain accounts at Cuban financial institutions for the purpose of accessing funds in Cuba for transactions authorized in this section.
  • All members of the faculty and staff (including adjunct faculty and part-time staff) of the sponsoring U.S. academic institution are authorized to participate in the activities described above. A student currently enrolled in a U.S. academic institution is authorized to participate in the academic activities in Cuba described above through any sponsoring U.S. academic institution.