Habana Libre, Havana, Cuba, December 04 to 07, 2018
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Main Topics


  •  Conceptual approach to human death.
  •  BD criteria in different countries.
  •  Ancillary tests in BD.
  •  Autonomic nervous system assessment in BD.
  •  Jahi McMath and other controversial brain-dead cases.
  • BD in childhood.
  •  Anencephalic infants.
  •  End-of-life dilemmas: terminal patient, euthanasia, assisted suicide, etc.
  •  Legal considerations surrounding BD and related states.
  •  Philosophical, theological, sociological, historical and cultural considerations of
  •  human death.
  • Near Death Experiences (NDE)
  • Organ transplantation.


  •  Pathophysiological mechanisms of consciousness generation.
  •  Coma, persistent vegetative state (PVS), minimally conscious state (MCS), and
  •   other DOC.
  •  Clinical diagnosis of DOC.
  •  Neuroimaging techniques for assessing DOC.
  •  Neurophysiologic tests for assessing DOC.
  •  Autonomic nervous system assessment of DOC.
  • Neuromoninoting in intensive case
  •  Neurorehabilitation of DOC.
  •  Neuroprotection and Neuromonitoring of DOC.
  •  New trends in cardio-pulmonar-cerebral resuscitation



  • Although the Conference will mainly relate to BD and DOC, several satellite meeting will be held on general topics of neurology and neurosciences.
  • Please, do not hesitate to propose us any topic or idea to improve the scientific program.