Havana Conference Center, Havana, Cuba, from 05 to diciembre 08, 2017
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Main Topics

•    Conceptual approach to human death.
•    BD criteria in different countries.
•    Ancillary tests in BD.
•    Autonomic nervous system assessment in BD.
•    BD in childhood.
•    Anencephalic infants.
•    End-of-life dilemmas: terminal patient, euthanasia, assisted suicide, etc.
•    Legal considerations surrounding BD and related states.
•    Philosophical, theological, sociological, historical and cultural considerations of human death.
•    Organ transplantation.

•    Pathophysiological mechanisms of consciousness generation.
•    Coma, persistent vegetative state (PVS), minimally conscious state (MCS), and other DOC.
•    Clinical diagnosis of DOC.
•    Neuroimaging techniques for assessing DOC.
•    Neurophysiologic tests for assessing DOC.
•    Autonomic nervous system assessment of DOC.
•    Neurorehabilitation of DOC.
•    Neuroprotection and Neuromonitoring of DOC.
•    New trends in cardio-pulmonar-cerebral resuscitation

•    Although the Conference will mainly devoted to discuss BD and DOC, several satellite meeting will be held on general topics of neurology and neurosciences. Please, do not hesitate to propose us any topic or idea to improve the scientific program